The Team

Aura’s management

Chrissie Glean


With an extensive background spanning over 19 years in nursing homes, residential settings, domiciliary care, supported living, and day care centers, Chrissie brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her dedication to providing top-tier support for clients and their families is evident in her passion for her work. Chrissie's experience extends to working with children with complex needs, as well as adults facing learning and physical disabilities. Moreover, she has amassed considerable experience in assisting adults with mental health challenges, autism spectrum disorders, and dementia.

Nichola King

Operations Manager

With a decade of invaluable experience under her belt, she is diligently pursuing her Level 5 in leadership and management, embodying a managerial role characterised by compassion for her team members and an unwavering commitment to guaranteeing that service users receive nothing short of the highest quality outcome-focused care and support. Her dedication shines through as she strives to create an environment where both employees and service users flourish, reflecting her profound understanding of the importance of empathetic leadership in achieving organisational excellence.

Aura’s team


'As a proud staff member of Aura Supported Living, our team is dedicated, compassionate, and committed to delivering exceptional care to the people we support. The welcoming environment we create fosters a sense of belonging and promotes independence. Our personalised approach ensures that each resident's unique needs are met with utmost professionalism and empathy. It is truly fulfilling to be part of an organisation that prioritises the well-being and happiness of those in our care.'



'A good support worker needs to be naturally caring. Without this trait it would be “just be a job”. Those who have the natural ability to care do not consider their work as “just a job” they consider what they do as very important and understand what a difference they can make to people’s lives.

I love working with everybody and continuously prove that I am a reliable member of the Aura Supported Living team. I look forward to my future years with Aura Supported Living and cannot imagine working anywhere else because they have provided me with long lasting memories, and I would encourage more people to join this team.'



'At Aura, the individual always come first and this is something I noticed at the interview stage. Everyone is welcomed into the team and made to feel comfortable from the outset. I started working for Aura Supported Living in February of this year and am so proud to be part of a company that not only nurtures the progression of the individuals we support, but the staff too.

We pride ourselves on the quality of support we provide and the ethos we operate under. We treat your family members as we would treat our own and value greatly the trust placed in us as support workers.' 


'Overall, an excellent company to work for and to be cared for.

The management team are professionals who are passionate and committed in giving their best to their clients. They are exceptional in regards to supporting and understanding the needs of clients, and are a very person centred company. Aura Supported Living is also an open, friendly, and listening company to staff members. They are always eager to receive feedbacks from the staff and other supporting bodies which helps them evaluate their performance.

I feel very comfortable in my role as I've got the right and necessary support from my supervisors. I'm also provided with the right training and on the job training, which serves as a constant reminder on how to efficiently carry out my role as support worker. The teamwork is highly commendable as staff work together to ensure clients are rightly and adequately supported.

Do you require a warm environment with friendly staff and management with top notch skills to cater for your needs? I would highly recommend Aura Supported Living as a place with all of these qualities and more!'