What We Do

24/7 support

Our highly trained employees will support you with: 

Chaperones to your appointments

Social inclusion and finding opportunities to involve you in the community

Sourcing educational placements

Personal care in a dignified and personalised way 

Medication administration, support and guidance

Befriendment and a listening ear

Helping you achieve your own goals that work for you and your life.

We have 25 years’ experience working in the care industry. We are highly driven and passionate about delivering the best quality of care to the individuals that use our service and their families.

Our team specialises in the following:

  • Autism
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • Mental health

Activity participation

We encourage individuals to try different activities and sensory experiences in order to maintain their overall mental wellbeing. Activity participation also helps to improve their creativity, social skills, emotional regulation and resilience, motor skills and co-ordination.

There are a variety of activities to take part in depending on the individual’s interests. These include but are not limited to:

Music therapy

Arts and crafts


Sports and leisure


BBQs and meals out

Weekend breaks

Baking and cooking


Country park walks

Console and board games

Support and encouragement for basic life skills

We are here to support individuals to live independently by developing and maintaining daily living skills including:



Money management




Work and education

Learning a wide range of life skills is crucial. Executive function skills or thinking skills are important as this will promote the individuals to be able to choose a career path; health and safety skills are needed to keep them safe; and leisure and recreation activities enable them to form peer relationships and social communication skills.

These skills are taught in different ways - this could be by supporting and promoting independence for their personal care, teaching them how to prepare meals, clean their home, drive to work or get public transport, or setting alarms and checking the time so they are not late.

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